Tarik Anwar

I would like to say all of you that I have completed my Nebosh-IGC course, which is very high in demand now-a-days from “Welfare Industrial Training Institute” by the guidance and support of Mr. Asif Qamar (Director) of same institute

Mohammad Hussain

I would like to take this great opportunity to thank everyone from “Welfare Industrial Training Institute” specially my talented mentor and director of same institute Mr. Asif Qamar, who has not left even a single corner to guide and support to clear my Nebosh International General Examination (IGC), without whom it was very difficult to pass this exam.

Abdullah Sidiqui

I was hugely satisfied by “Welfare Industrial Training Institute” and team.

Yusuf Khan

Director Mr. Asif Qamar does not teach safety I felt he inculcates safety in everyone’s mind.

Fawad Mustaffa

It was my dream to complete Nebosh-IGC. As it is needless to say that after having certificate of Nebosh-IGC there is no need to search a job and it would not be wrong to say that job will search you.

Shakir Hussain

I would like to say thank and bless all the team and specially Mr. Asif Qamar Sir for making me successful from the bottom of my heart.