Mig co2 Welding

About Mig co2 Welding

>MIG CO2 Welding (Carbon dioxide) MIG CO2 (Carbon dioxide), MAG (Metal Active Gas) or CO2 welding is a variation of the standard MIG process. In MIG process generally Argon, Helium, or their mixture are used for shielding the molten weld pool whereas in CO2 welding process, carbon dioxide is used as the shielding gas. MIG CO2 Welding (Carbon dioxide) is two months training program for those candidates, who want to be get in the profession of MIG CO2 Welding. We provide the complete training on MIG CO2 Welding & after completion of training

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About Course

Course Duration

The course duration is 3 years.

Course Fees

Course fees vary from INR 23,801 - INR 107,535.

Course Scope

Mig Co2 Welding is certificate which will offer an understanding of the practical actions needed for co2 welding .

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